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In this unprecedented time when the world is facing challenges due to the significant and ongoing effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we at SJI Group, are committed to driving our b business forward responsibly.

SJI is a fast-growing, forward-looking investment firm, focused on making strategic investments as opportunities arise both in the region and across the world. In our quest for innovative solutions, we will encourage well-conceived ideas and pursue new investment strategies with an aim of contributing to the development of societies by promoting community investment to make a difference in people’s lives. We will undertake every possible measures to strengthen our commitment to sustainable growth, with diligent planning and thoughtful execution, supported by adopting best practices as expected of any socially responsible corporate entity.

SJI special focus on full-pledged oncology & cancer research and orthopedics, SJI immediate focus for the next decade is to ensure a creation of state-of-the-art multidisciplinary healthcare centers in the region, powered by the best innovations and research & development expertise, coupled with strong integration with academic and education capability.

We use our global partnerships to bring a range of different dimensions to our services and investments, resulting in access to higher quality transactions, effecient execution and timely exit for the benefit of all stakeholders.

SJI Group Chairman


SJI Investment Dr Shadi Jabari

With more than 25 years of experience in managing a portfolio global healthcare investments and operations, from the managing of complex projects at top medical institutes established in Israel and the Ukraine.

Dr Shadi Jabari has a wealth of scientific expertise in oncology and many years of experience in the field, leveraging this knowledge to maximise the value for our stakeholders in the UAE and beyond.

The founder and Chairman of SJI Investment and Healthcare, Dr Shadi is a senior member of the Jordanian Medical Association and a Senior Oncologist with expertise in research and development.

Like many investment companies, our aim is to be an active player in the real estate sector, along with other Dubai investments which make us one of the premium investment companies in the Middle East. Operating from our headquarters in Dubai UAE, our investment company Dubai is able to take advantage of the central location and logistical advantages provided not just in Dubai but also across the UAE in general.

Easy access to the Dubai Financial Market which is establisehd in the region as a leading market of its calibre. The Dubai International Financial Center, a freezone with extremely high standards of corporate governance, financial conduct supervision and a wester-style regulatory framework based primarily on the UK system. The last few years has exposed both opportunities and risks in a traditional approach to both investment and finance across the world, the importance of remaining dynamic in approach over the shifting realities will give any investment company an advantage in any market, sectors and industries across the globe.

Our human capital is what drives the business and brings it to life. The SJI leadership team share SJI’s values and visions and comprised of seasoned executives from global institutions who have joined to provide solutions for investors, clients, partners.

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